Friday, November 14, 2014

Home Story - Clean Uncluttered Contemporary

Clean and Uncluttered Contemporary in Bristol, Australia

This rennovated home was originally a Victorian, home of Nathan and Danica and their 2 children.  It was a smaller home so the homeowners requested large windows to take advantage of the views outside to make the home appear larger.  

The outside street facing courtyard gives great privacy to the gardens in the front, which is enjoyed by using over sized windows on the project.

Bristol, Australia Rennovation

Lots of whites let the light flow thru from the hallway to the bedroom.
The glass door on the hallway is a great idea to allow maximum light flow.

 Creative kid's rooms are free of everyday clutter and easy for older children to pick up.

More floor to ceiling windows to maximize on natural lighting.

 White walls play a big role in reflecting light. 

Photographer for project:  Shannon McGrath.
Interior Designer:  Susie Cohen